Giveaways to Last Always and Forever starts Feb. 5th!

You can never have too many giveaways! Not only does this benefit the winners but also the great businesses involved! It is a wonderful opportunity for people around the country to learn about fabulous businesses! There are going to be THREE Giveaways! So THREE WINNERS!! Giveaway will START FEBRUARY 5th!! So do not leave a comment until then so it gives the vendors time to submit!

Simple and Sweet Rules for entrees:

1. You must go to each of the vendors pages and "LIKE" or Request to be a friend. There is a link to each of the vendors pages to make this user friendly.

2. Suggest their page to your friends! Not All pages have this option but some of them do! You can most likely find it on the bottom left side of the page.

3. Make sure to leave a friendly greeting on their page with how many friends your suggested (if you were able too, I will know which ones can) ! For Example: Showing some Love! Thank you for participating in the Giveaways to Last Always and Forever! I shared you fabulous page with #___ friends. - Feel free to copy :)

4.Then on your page make a STATUS UPDATE AND INCLUDE A LINK TO THIS PAGE. For Example: "Just entered in the  Giveaways to Last Always and Forever! Join in on the Fun and Discover 20 Great Photography-related businesses on Facebook! " - Feel free to copy :)

5.Then come back to the blog and leave ONE comment stating that you have done ALL of the above!

ALL of the above steps must be completed steps must be completed to qualify! WINNERS will be picked by I will check to ensure the winner has completed all of the steps before announcing!

Vendors may not participate. Winners will be announced on February 18, 2011!  Good Luck!

Vendors who are interested in participating must contact me by February 4, 2011.


is donating a 54"x5ft Backdrop of YOUR CHOICE! ($65)
Winner must pay for shipping

is Donating your choice of camera creature for your camera lense! ($10)

is donating a super cute bow! ($12)

is donating a personalized handstamped pendant ($25)

is donating a gorgeous feathered headband, "The Macie" ($12.99)

Sparkleberry Boutique (link is not working for all)
is donating a gorgeous crochet hat, 3-6 month ($26)

is donating a Lotion Bar ($7.50)

Braggin Baby Boutique
is donating a White 20x24" Shag Rug

is donating a beautiful Lavender Shabby Chic Flower Headband ($10)


is donating a 2_FER 3.5ft X 6ft ($75)
Winner must pay shipping

is donating a Pink Peony Flower Beanie Hat ($21)

Happy Acres Farm
is donating an eye-catching Bling for your camera! You choose which one you want! ($14)

is donating a Beautiful crocheted rimmed hat with flower in your choice of size and colors ($18)

is donating a lovely EmmaLee Headband ($6)

Jewelry and Baby Bling by Dara
is donating a $25 gift certificate! 

CU Smile by Chelsea Upton
is donating a precious pink hand crocheted newborn headband ($8)


is donating a Leopard Print Stuffed Dog ($20)

is donating a super cute ribbon tutu ($30)

Detroit Rock Knitty
is donating a beautiful knit bowl for newborns ($30)

Yellow Ribbon Boutique
is donating a a wonderful camera strap in either ivory or purple ($25)

is donating a cute Pink and Black Daisy Beanie ($7)

is donating a beautiful Flower headband ($5.75)

Here is the list of Vendors' Facebook Pages you Must go to:


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  2. Yay... I have completed all the steps (except for Sparkleberry Boutique, it's not working on my end) Thank you for this AWESOME opportunity to win some fabulous gifts!!

    On Fabebook: Sandy Medvigy - Photographer

  3. Completed all the steps! minus Sparkleberry Boutique but Im sure they are awesome too! :)

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!/profile.php?id=512952340

    on Facebook~ Stephanie Kay Photography

  4. Completed all steps except Sparkleberry (hope to get to them soon)!! Awesome giveaway!!!!/chesnye

  5. I have posted, liked, shared and shown love to all!! Keeping my fingers crossed...the anticipation is killing me! AHHHHHHH

  6. Everything done!!! :D (except for sparkleberry boutique, link wont work)
    Now I'm all excited!
    Good luck everyone!!! :)

  7. done!/pages/Rivers-Photography/171378672386

  8. done! liked,shared, posted all links possible! "the little pea" 'like' button would not work for me :( GREAT giveaway!

    Annalise Hodge!/annalise.hodge

  9. There are a few newly added vendors, please make sure to go to their pages!

  10. I have completed all of the steps:

  11. I completed all steps except for Sparkleberry. Tried to find them, but had no luck!! I only found one that would let me suggest to friends. What in the world happened to that button?
    Posted to my FB profile page here-

    This is fantastic and I would LOVE to win! There are so many of these items on my wish list and this would be incredible to win!!!!!!!

  12. I completed all of the steps, except for Sparkleberry, Hinnies N Tutus (waiting on friend request) and Blessed and b.LOVE.d (no facebook, but checked out their site). Suggested to my friends (the few that I could) and added the rest to my page's favorites. Also posted as my status:

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway- I could really use any of these items- will update the missing entries when they are available! :)

  13. I have completed the steps! Thanks for having this great giveaway!

  14. I liked all the pages.
    Used the Share button to put a link on my personal profile for my friends to see.
    I commented on all the pages letting them know I shared and thanking them for participating.
    I posted a link on my photography page.!/pages/A-Timeless-Treasure-Photography/290401475505

    Linda Meacham

  15. I completed all of the steps, except for Sparkleberry, (I'll keep checking back hopefully it will start working) and Blessed and b.LOVE.d (no facebook, but checked out their site). Suggested to my friends (the few that I could)
    and posted as my status on my page
    Kate Brown

  16. I "like" all vendors pages except for Sparkleberry Boutique and Blessed and b.LOVE.d ( no facebook page but checked out their site). I shared about the giveaway on my status and also shared all the fan pages on my wall for my friends to check out too.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! <3

  17. I was already a fan of almost all of these vendors and love connecting with new ones =] thanks for hosting such a great giveaway

  18. Liked all the vendors on fb and shared the ones I could with my friends. Left some love for each vendor! Shared on fb!


  19. Waiting on a couple of friend requests, but shared love with all the vendors. Thanks for the great give away!

  20. Hello, thank you for having a great giveaway, I have completed all the steps listed above but am waiting on Hinnies n Tutus and PhotoProp Guy to respond to my friend requests, but I did share their page on my page. I have posted all of the pages on my profile page and showed some love on the vendors pages! I actually found a place that does the headbands(at Harts and Roses Bowtique) that my sister wants for her baby due in May, so a big thank you for having such a great giveaway and exposing all those great vendors to the Facebook world!!!! Here is a link to my page on Facebook: I will let you know as soon as they respond to my friend requests (I have been waiting 2 days) :/
    Thank you!
    Amy Hillman

  21. Will I be counted as not complete, if they have not responded to my friend requests by the 18th?

  22. I have liked, loved, and shared all the vendors that I possibly could, some I am waiting on them to accept my friend request and a couple of pages wouldn't go to a Facebook page at all. I have also shared the giveaway on my FB page...Thank you so much for this giveaway...

    Brooke Mckinney
    Sugar and Spice Photography

  23. Friended, shared, commented, and done :) What a fabulous giveaway, thanks so much, Zoe
    madforfashion at

    zoehunterlee on facebook!


    Posted on FB

  25. Liked all the vendors and passed them along to friends
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  26. I completed all of the steps except for Sparkleberry

  27. I completed all the steps, some of them though I had to friend instead of like so I sent them a message instead of posting on their wall, is that okay?
    Lauren Coetzee or Genuine Innovations Photography on FB,
    Thanks for the oppourtunity to participate!

  28. I have completed all the steps friended the pages I needed to and liked the others. I have commented on FB too. Thanks!

  29. I have completed all the steps, friended/liked all the pages, commented & suggested, & even posted links on my profile for all the pages. The only one I could not get to was the Sparkleberry Boutique, couldn't even find them when I searched facebook for them. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway.

    Lisa Beckett

  30. I have done all of the above...even shared with friends when there wasn't a suggest to friends!!
    Amazing giveaway with amazing vendors! Thank you!!

  31. I have completed all the steps above! Thank you for hosting this, and to all the vendors participating. I am still waiting for my request to be accept from Hinnies and Tutus. I liked all the pages, and left them comments and suggested friends where I could. Thanks again!

  32. i have completed all- i only saw where one vendor can have a suggest friends button- but i did it all- thank you

  33. I completed everything
    Thanks! :)

    -Nikki (Nikki's Creations)

  34. hi ty for the giveaway, i have fanned or friended everyone i could i completed everything , here is the link to my fb post!/profile.php?id=100001666077669

  35. I completed all the steps (couldn't comment on Sparkleberry Boutique and Hinnies & Tutu's hasn't accepted my friend request yet so I couldn't comment). Awesome giveaway. Thanks for all your hard work and this great opportunity!

  36. Hello, I am so happy I found this giveaway. I liked all the vendors, but I couldnt find sparkleberry on facebook :/

    I did post this on face book under Jennifer Motylinski

  37. I was able to find and like sparkleberry :-)

  38. Wow! Entered that in record time! I hope I made the cut.
    I liked everyone / sent friend requests. I added some love in the friend requests, in case they don't add me before the giveaway ends.
    I shared the giveaway on my wall.
    I commented on everyone's page and suggested everyone to 10 of my best friend photogs via message :)
    So excited to find more awesome vendors!
    Thanks for the chance.
    Erin Noie Photography

  39. CONGRATULATIONS to Stephanie (Giveaway #1), A Timeless Treasure Photography (Giveaway #2), and ChristyC84 (Giveaway #3)!!!! Please email me at to get information on how to redeem your prizes!